Why are barefoot shoes necessary?

Why are barefoot shoes necessary? - YXS Barefoot Shoes
Many sports shoes are now attracting consumers' attention with soft and shock-absorbing shoes.

However, for us, exercising barefoot is a healthier way. Barefoot allows us to have a more direct contact with the ground, improves blood circulation in our body and avoids joint pain caused by ordinary sports shoes.

Nowadays, roads are mainly built of cement, which heats up easily when the temperature rises, mercilessly burning our feet. In addition, some small particles of sand or sharp objects on the ground may hurt our feet unknowingly. This is exactly when barefoot shoes come into play as foot protection if you want to move barefoot.

Barefoot shoes have been around for centuries, but until now it is gradually being understood by the world. Compared to other sneakers, it's basic with just a thin sole, no midsole on the bottom of the sole, and no support or padding. Therefore, it takes a while for us to adjust to the changes brought on by barefoot shoes, and as we do so, our leg muscles gradually increase in strength. However, the simplicity of barefoot shoes and the thin sole allow our feet to bend and move more freely.

In short, the idea of barefoot shoes is to make people walk as if they were barefoot. In barefoot shoes, our feet instinctively land on the forefoot and return to the most primal way of walking.

How to choose barefoot shoes?

At first, barefoot shoes were not liked by people because their appearance was not good-looking.

Recently, however, barefoot shoes have appeared in a variety of styles. Many beautiful designs are also gradually coming into people's field of vision. You can choose your favorite color and style according to your needs.

The most important thing about barefoot shoes, in addition to the look, is of course the wearing comfort and slip resistance. You can choose the right shoes according to your environment. In general, when the weather is hot, you can choose the barefoot shoes with an upper made of breathable, lightweight and stretchy fabrics. Barefoot shoes need to have a certain level of good traction and the ability to withstand rocks and other debris during outdoor activities like rock climbing and off-roading.

In addition to the materials, size and foot type are also important.

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The shoe has a noticeable widening at the forefoot, which is characterized by a good grip.

The shoes are available in three colors: white, black, black and blue. If you still have problems, we can tell you that our best seller is the white one. Of course you can also choose your favorite color.

In closing, we want all friends who love barefoot shoes and want to try them to be able to choose a pair of barefoot shoes that suit them.

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