How to use barfoot Shoes in properly?

How to use barfoot Shoes in properly? - YXS Barefoot Shoes
You can wear Watelves shoes as normal leisure sneakers, also as trekking or water shoes. The wide toe box gives you the feeling of walking on clouds and the quick-release fastener is particularly easy to open and close during sports, for example.

The material is breathable and quick-drying and is therefore also intended for bathing. The non-slip sole prevents slipping during fitness training or mountain biking and guarantees a firm grip. A real all-rounder when you decide on a barefoot shoe for the first time or don't want to dig too deep into your pocket.

With barefoot shoes you can train your foot in a way that is not possible with normal shoes.

There are shoes that are made to imitate walking barefoot. Does it make sense to run with it?

The so-called barefoot shoes have the following principle: they should protect against thorns and stones, but are made of very soft material, have no heel and no cushioning. You can use it to train your foot in a way JOG Running tips for beginners, which is not possible with normal shoes. But in Europe, unlike in Kenya, for example, people don't walk barefoot their whole lives, they walk in shoes most of the time. In this respect, the quick switch to a barefoot shoe is problematic.

Are barefoot shoes really that healthy?

Barefoot shoes are really so healthy because they imitate walking barefoot and are therefore particularly easy on the joints and do not constrict the feet unnecessarily. Barefoot shoes prevent painful feet or flat feet after standing too long.

For whom are barefoot shoes not suitable?

Barefoot shoes are not suitable if your feet are misaligned or your feet are deformed. If you have joint problems, you should first check with a doctor whether barefoot shoes are suitable for you. Otherwise, the shoes with the special sole can be worn by women , men and children alike.

How do I find the right size for barefoot shoes?

If you want to order your first pair of barefoot shoes online from our website, you can easily measure your size yourself at home. Using a ruler, measure from your longest toe to your heel. Then add 3 to 5 millimeters and you have your shoe size. The manufacturers also specify the centimeter dimensions of the models when specifying the size. So you can quickly find your right size.