The YXS® offers everything you require in a minimalist shoe. Meticulously designed to replicate the natural range of motion of your foot. Whether you're engaged in sports, working, or enjoying your leisure time, you'll find it hard to part with these shoes!


Thin Sole

Our ultra-thin sole creates a sensation akin to walking barefoot while providing enhanced flexibility. You'll enjoy heightened sensory feedback in your feet, coupled with improved grip on both wet and dry surfaces.

Wide Toebox

Experience the freedom of your toes expanding within our generously wide toe box, ensuring abundant space and comfort. This additional room not only promotes a more anatomically correct posture but also encourages a healthier gait overall.

Zero Heel

Our minimalistic shoe's level sole provides a closer-to-barefoot sensation, reducing stress on your knees, back, and hips. You'll experience improved equilibrium, enhanced stability, and an upright posture, delivering an exceptional walking experience.

Supreme Flexibility

Unparalleled flexibility ensures ultimate comfort and unhindered freedom of movement. By preserving the foot's natural shape, you can better harness your muscles and maintain prolonged mobility.

Enhancing Health with BarefootFootwear

Despite the necessity of wearing shoes throughout our lives, we all understand that walking barefoot is the most instinctive way to move about.

Hence, why not opt for footwear that offers both protection and a barefoot experience? YXS shoes deliver the natural sensation of barefoot walking, seamlessly integrating it with the advantages of traditional footwear.

They can aid in preventing knee, back, and hip discomfort, contributing to your overall physical wellness without disconnecting you from the natural world.

Orthopedic Endorsement andExpert Collaboration

At YXS, we collaborate closely with orthopedic experts to guarantee that our shoes are meticulously crafted for care, comfort, and, above all, an impeccable fit.

Their profound expertise has played a pivotal role in the development of our barefoot shoe, ensuring the optimal protection and enhancement of foot function.

Our esteemed panel of experts possesses decades of collective experience, which we harness to provide guidance, enhancements, and the design of footwear that offers health benefits to both you and your family.

Do Barefoot Shoes Truly EnhanceHealth?

Conventional shoes frequently restrict foot movement, leading to discomfort and pain, particularly during extended wear. This restriction hinders natural foot motion, potentially causing issues with ligaments, tendons, and foot muscles.

Barefoot shoes, on the contrary, offer a different experience. With their flexibility and innate fit, they provide a cushioning effect as you walk and stimulate your foot muscles. The outcome is a more natural stride that alleviates extra stress on your feet, legs, and spine.

The Footwear Crafted by AvidHikers

Within a team comprised mainly of passionate hikers, we've embarked on numerous healthy treks that sometimes culminated in aching feet. This unique perspective is what distinguishes YXS.

Even if you've never ventured into hiking, our barefoot shoes hold a revered status among seasoned hikers, many of whom make them their daily footwear choice. Why, you might wonder?

It's because our shoes prioritize breathability, allowing fresh air to embrace your feet. They're meticulously fashioned from lightweight materials, providing stability, unparalleled quality, and long-lasting durability.

Uncertain if they're the right fit for you? Put them to the test without worry. We stand by our products with a risk-free 12-month guarantee on all our shoes. There's absolutely nothing to lose. Check out the details below.

Perfect for Any Adventure orActivity

YXS barefoot shoes are the perfect choice for sports, fishing, outdoor excursions, and virtually any outdoor pursuit you favor.

The non-slip soles ensure an impeccable grip on both wet and dry surfaces. Their breathable and waterproof materials deliver stability when your escapades lead you off the conventional path.

Whether you sport them during athletic endeavors, travels, work, or as your everyday footwear, you'll scarcely feel their presence – and may find it hard to opt for anything else!

Our Risk-Free 12-monthguarantee!

At YXS, we have unwavering confidence in the quality and comfort of our footwear. This is why we proudly extend a 12-month guarantee to cover all our shoe products.

If you encounter any defects in your purchase within the 12-month period, rest assured that our customer-focused approach will come to your aid. We will promptly process your request, and if your claim is deemed valid, we will send you a replacement free of charge. Your satisfaction is our top priority.

When you make a purchase with us, you can take advantage of the following benefits:

  • A 12-month guarantee to ensure your satisfaction
  • Free shipping on your order
  • A hassle-free return process

With over 100,000 satisfied customers who have made YXS their footwear destination of choice, our commitment to excellence shines through.

Over 100,000 SatisfiedCustomers... and Counting!

When YXS was first launched, we could never have anticipated the remarkable growth of our company today. Our journey has always been centered around well-being and the promotion of a healthy lifestyle through our daily activities. We firmly recognize the significance of staying connected to nature and maintaining an active lifestyle for our overall health.

For us, it all begins with our feet. After all, mobility is compromised when your feet are in pain or fatigue sets in. When we couldn't find a shoe in the market that encompassed health, superior quality, facilitated a connection with nature, and remained affordable, we saw it as a clear sign to create our own brand.